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Baldur’s Gate: Salvaging a draft from a disaster

I’m sure it happened to you. The experience of doing something on your computer, like a school assignment or a game you’re really invested in, when all of a sudden your computer crashes and all of your precious hours of work have gone to waste. We have all been there, and dealing with the frustration of that kind of experience is a part of life. Today’s tale is exactly that sort of story.

Dimitri Butakov (2012) – Grand Prix Moscow Report

Hey Everyone!Today I want to write about the recent GP in Moscow, though for most of us it was more like GP Russia. Thanks to Magic Online I was pretty familiar with the current standard format and decided to take my favorite deck: Bant Super-Friends. I played it in paper in GP Phoenix and it […]

Emilien Wild (2012) – Avoiding Disqualification : Bribery

Bribery is the act of linking a result to an incentive. As a judge, it has also been the most common reason for which I had to disqualify people. Which pains me, as it’s also a really easy infraction to avoid if you understand what is and what isn’t allowed. With this article, I want to increase awareness on this topic, both to avoid a feel bad moment for you, and to avoid future paperwork for me.